*/from Latin – Eternal Ice/


Nikolay Evdokimov Gallery

is pleased to announce a new project

by Dmitrii Sirotkin AETERNA GLACIES


In his new work the artist follows the same photographic medium, however, expanding himself towards new artistic perspectives. Exposition becomes a total installation with texts and fine arts pieces.


In a format of a distanced statement, created by an unknown researcher or descendant, Sirotkin reflects on the heritage of modern civilization and its archeological near future.


Th global ecological perspective, the Anthropocene Epoch, posthumanism. Those problems touch the artist’s mind. Despite alarming projections he finds an inspiration in the future pictorial objects and aestheticizes them by reproducing the phantasmagorical artefacts.


Some objects were created long before the pandemic, however the project has ended and is installed now, in the proper time for the current moment.


The exhibition will stay open at the historical centre of Saint Petersburg, an old apartment building, which will later become the artist’s atelier.